Eric Z. Watson


Eric Z. Watson is a Film and TV Producer and a social justice advocate, with roots in both San Francisco and Boston. Raised in an activism centered household, he has an innate understanding of the destructive effects of blind capitalism and colonialism on the planet and its people. He cares deeply and passionately about protecting Mother Nature and the most vulnerable communities amongst us. To this end, he has created the Aluna Foundation as a framework for various organizations and entities who are standing up for ecological and indigenous justice work. 


Bita Z. Watson


Bita Zahedi Watson is an internationally educated anthropologist and entrepreneur. Aside from her academic training and environmental leadership in green movements, she has been a personal student of indigenous leaders and wisdom keepers of North America since 2007, and is fiercely dedicated to the protection and conservation of all the sacred elements of life on this Earth - our waters, forests, wildlife, plant medicines and First Nation peoples everywhere.